Thesis Board 2021

Congratulations, Reed College seniors! Completing the thesis is a capstone of the Reed experience and a tremendous academic accomplishment.

Naomi Boss - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: Hindsight is 2020: Evaluating a Presidential Election Forecasting Model During a Global Pandemic

John Petrinovich - Philosophy

Thesis: Justice in War: Can an Unjust War be Fought Justly?

Sara Metzger - English

Thesis: Woman Divided: An Analysis of Dichotomous Female Archetypes in Dickens’ Great Expectations

Ian Jackson - Computer Science-Psychology

Thesis: A Novel BCI System for 3D Shape Imagery Classification

Sarah Pollock - Philosophy

Thesis: Monkeys and Morality: Narrowing the Puzzle of Imaginative Resistance

Maria Antoinette Panopoulos - Psychology

Thesis: The Effect of Labels on Recognition of Visual Objects of Two Categories

Adrien Mathieux - Psychology

Thesis: The Effects of Distinction and Color Congruence on Incidental Memory

Lilian Qi - Computer Science

Thesis: On Generating Stylized Line Drawings from Polygonal Models

Olivia Hagen - Biology

Thesis: Proliferation in the zebrafish optic tectum as a function of visual input

Lynette Yetter - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Thesis: Domination and Justice in the Allegorical Story “La reunión de ayer” by Adela Zamudio (1854-1928), Bolivia

Abbigail Lyn Peterson - Political Science

Thesis: Toxic Politics: The Feedback Effects of Living Near a Superfund Site on Political Participation and Attitudes

Nick C. - Mathematics

Thesis: THREE EASY PIECES IN HARMONIC ANALYSIS Singular integrals, the Hardy space H1, and boundedness results

Kaia Turowski - Environmental Studies-Political Science

Thesis: A Poisoned Paradise: How Businesses Behave Under California’s Toxics Law, Proposition 65

Kaitlyn Hepp - Mathematics

Thesis: Rowmotion on Doppelgänger Pairs

Nick Schlesinger - Art

Thesis: Hand Printed: A Consideration of Art and Automation

Bodhi Molinary-Kopelman - Political Science

Thesis: What Can We Owe Each Other: Political Realism vs Moral Idealism in International Relations

Maxwell Rosenberg - Computer Science

Thesis: Odd One Out: Learning Taxonomic Embeddings from WordNet

Asher Smith - Biology

Thesis: Size and temperature: An ecology of phytoplankton in a changing world

Anna Volz - Sociology

Thesis: Finding a “Match”: Student Support at Liberal Arts Colleges and the Community College Transfer

Nina Amira Matthews - Sociology-Spanish

Thesis: Tearing Down the Wall: Volunteer Discourse in Relation to Gloria Anzaldúa’s Theory of the U.S.-Mexico Border

Tiffany Chang - Linguistics

Thesis: A Mouse Bravely Dancing in the Rain: A Study of Third Tone Sandhi Production Among Asian Mandarin Heritage Speakers

Dashiell Allen - Spanish

Thesis: From Somos to Prosa plebeya: A Discussion of Sexual Politics in Argentina