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Division of Student Life


Student Life On-Call Team 

The Student Life On-Call Team works together to coordinate emergency and timely support for students. Emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and days the college is closed. 

To access the Student Life On-Call Team,
call Community Safety at 503-788-6666

On-Call Services

The Student Life On-Call Team works collaboratively to provide referrals, information, and support to students during an emergency. Team members work together to assess student safety and refer students to appropriate and timely services, including local area hospitals, crisis hotlines, and emergency on-campus housing. 

The Student Life On-Call Team responds to urgent or emergency situations such as:

  • mental health crisis 
  • urgent housing issue - e.g. unsafe off-campus housing
  • interpersonal violence 
  • victim of a crime - e.g. burgalry 

Students can contact the Student Life On-Call Team regardless if they live on- or off-campus. However, we are unable to physically respond to off-campus locations. Off-campus students may access assistance remotely via phone, or travel to campus to meet in-person with a member of the on-call team.

Mental Health Concerns

For concerns for a student related to mental health and welfare, the Area Coordinator On-Call is often the first responder. When there is a report of concern for a student's immediate well-being, the AC On-Call will:

  • gather information from the referring party or student 
  • contact the student directly 
  • assess the student's safety
  • provide information and guidance 
  • refer the student to appropriate and timely resources
  • connect students to follow-up support 
Medical & Security Concerns

For medical and security concerns, Community Safety Officers are often the first responder. Community Safety Officers are trained to provide first aid and facilitate a connection to timely or emergency medical services when appropriate. 

Follow Up Services

Following any on-call event, the on-call team will connect the student to the Office for Student Support for continued case management and referral to appropriate resources. 

Are you concerned for a student?

To access the Student Life On-Call Team,
call Community Safety at 503-788-6666 (24/7)

Students, faculty, staff, and family members may contact the Student Life On-Call Team at any time for advice and support in managing an emergency situation. 

For non-emergency concerns (e.g. academic concerns, non-urgent mental health concerns), please submit an online referral form to the Reed Care Team. Upon receiving your referral, a member from the Care Team will reach out to you and coordinate outreach for support to the student. The Care Team responds to referrals normally within 1-2 business days. Visit Reed Care Team for more information.

Contact Us

The Student Life On-Call Team is a collaborative program between the office for Student Support, Residence Life, Health & Counseling Center and Community Safety. For questions or concerns about after hours campus services, please contact Chris Toutain, Dean of Students, at 503-517-4842 or