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Student Organizations

Reed College student organizations represent a wide variety of interests, ideologies, spiritual practices, identities, and activities.  

Know what's here

Get to know exisiting student organizations by either attending the next engagement fair or perusing the student organization database

The database provides an overview of what clubs are currently active and who to contact about getting involved. There is also a subsection of retired clubs than can be revived by interested students. Creating an organization is an easy process that the Office for Student Engagement can support you through. 

Starting an organization

One of the great things about Reed is that it’s easy to get involved and find your niche. If you don’t see what you want in the student organization database, feel free to start your own group.

While student organizations at Reed have no formal recognition process, there are a few things you should do to get a group off the ground.

  1. Register your group here and enter the requested information.
  2. Attend signators’ training. This usually happens the first week of each semester. Look for advertisements the first week of school that will provide the time, date, and location of the training. If you’ve missed the training, contact the student body treasurers at to find out what you need to do.
  3. Come talk to the staff in the Office for Student Engagement (in the student center) to get resources and advice about how to create a successful organization.

Student organization resources

There are a number of ways that the Office for Student Engagement supports student organizations:

The Office for Student Engagement staff are available to meet with you about any organization-related issues including recruitment, keeping members engaged, running meetings, making decisions and more.

Event Planning
We can talk to you about events that are only a dream and help you figure out how to make them happen. We will walk you through all the details including contacting performers, negotiating contracts, budgeting and finding funding, event logistics, and more.

The Office for Student Engagement has a small amount of funding to co-sponsor student events. Contact for information about how to apply.

Student Spaces

There are a number of student organization spaces located in the Gray Campus Center, the basement of Old Dorm Block, and the student union. These are administered by the student senate and the Office for Student Engagement. We can assist with keys, maintenance and more.

Please contact the Office for Student Engagement with any suggestions or feedback on site content.