Student Spaces COVID-19

Space Guidelines during COVID-19 mitigation periods

Updated August 17, 2022 

During periods when any COVID-19 prevention measures are in place (e.g. masking, social distancing, gathering limits, dining restrictions, etc.), space usage will adhere to the guidelines written below. We will review these measures on a regular basis and modify them as the risk level changes. 

Space use

  • Offices are to be used for business purposes only, such as group deliberations, financial reconciliations, office hours, staff meetings. 
  • Functional spaces are to be used solely for those functions. These spaces include the print shop, dark room, bike co-op. 
  • Spaces that are designed to be common areas may be used for casual socializing and studying. Events or parties must be registered in IRIS and approved by the Office for Student Engagement. 
  • Classrooms, lecture halls, and other academic spaces may be used for academic purposes only: scheduled classes, independent study, ad-hoc study groups, testing, etc. Academic spaces may not be used for purely social purposes unless a gathering or event is registered in IRIS and approved by the Office for Student Engagement.
  • Spaces that are designed for socializing may have an occupancy capacity, which will be posted on the entrance.


  • All proposed events in any space, including the SU, must be registered in IRIS and approved by the Office for Student Engagement. 
  • Any proposed events that are large scale, have the potential for sizable attendance, or any other factors that may pose COVID-19 transmission risk may need to be reviewed with college administration for approval.

*Subject to change in accordance with state/county/college guidelines.

In all spaces

Monitoring and Enforcement

  • Event organizers are responsible for monitoring their events. Students with oversight for specific areas are responsible for ensuring that applicable guidelines are followed in their spaces.
  • Reed staff and faculty may monitor spaces to ensure adherence to public health guidelines.
  • Activities in any space that are not consistent with applicable guidelines may be canceled or stopped without notice.
  • Spaces in which guidelines are not followed may have additional monitoring or restrictions applied, or may be closed to use.