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The Office for Student Engagement staff enjoys a close relationship with the Reed student senate. We attend senate meetings, meet with senate leadership and work with the treasury.

Student Senate Spring 2019

The student senate plays an influential role on Reed's campus. Senate is the voice of the students: its members fund student organizations, participate in campus policy-making, and work with the staff members to improve the quality of student life. If you would like to get involved or learn more about the election process, email a current senate member.

President Pax Lloyd-Burchett
Vice President Isabel Hoff
Treasurer Mitzi Zitler
Vice Treasurer Frank Gaunt
Assistant Treasurer Salma Huque
Secretary Maddie Huber
Senators Keegan Samaniego
  Billy Fish
  Isabelle Sinclair
  Alisa Chen
Pixie Freeman
Jonathan Lederman
  Aislin Steill
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Location The President/VP office is located in the Student Union upstairs hallway
Meetings Student Union, 4:40 p.m. Tuesdays (Spring 2019)

Meetings with agendas and office hours!

Reed log-in required.

The Treasury

The student body treasurers run the funding process. They keep track of student organization budgets, manage student body funds, and disburse money.

Contact Treasurers
Location The Treasurers’ office is located in the Student Union upstairs hallway
Finance Committee meetings 7pm, Tuesdays, Eliot 207
Finance Committee Chair Isabel Hoff and Mitzi Zitler
Treasury forms Disbursement and Loan forms available outside the treasurers’ office door or online with Reed log-in.

Appointments Committee

This senate committee appoints students to a variety of committees and positions on campus. Serving on a committee is a good way to get involved on campus and learn how the college works. For more information on the appointments committee, and to apply for an open position visit the Handshake. 

Appointments Committee chair Keegan Samaniego
Members Billy Fish, Isabelle Sinclair, Alisa Chen, Pixie Freeman
Interviews held 9pm, Mondays, Eliot 121

Appointments opportunities open on a weekly basis and are announced in the Student Body Info newsletter. Numerous positions are available in the fall, and are listed in an approximate schedule below. Students are encouraged to apply to appointed positions throughout the semester, and to re-apply to positions if not initially successful.


KRRC, Eletion Czars, Student Opportunity Subsidy (SOS), Assistant Treasurer, Handbook Editor


Judicial Board, Honor Council


Student Opportunity Subsidy Committee

SOS Committee chair

Gabi Stonoha


Isabel Hoff, Mitzi Zitler, Pixie Freeman

Reed Student Senate Bylaws mandate that the interest earned from the Student Body Endowment funds a project which broadly benefits the student body. A student committee, chaired by a student senator, and made up entirely of students, oversees the SOS programs. The SOS Committee currently administers two programs:

  • Discretionary grants assist students experiencing substantial financial hardship who would benefit significantly from a single grant of up to $2,000. This may include, but is not limited to, necessary medical costs, unexpected educational costs, or emergency travel costs. Please contact the SOS Committee chair directly for instructions on how to apply. Grants are available on a rolling basis throughout the year, and applications may be submitted through the final day of class.

  • Summer project grants applications open midway through the spring semester. The Committee intends to financially assist students who are pursuing unpaid or low-paid academic, educational, creative, or career-oriented summer opportunities. By establishing this fund, the Senate hopes to enable students to pursue opportunities that otherwise lack a channel of financial support through the college.

Judicial Board

For more information on the student judicial system at Reed, visit the Judicial Board website.

Honor Council

For more information on the role and functions of the Honor Council, visit the Honor Council site.

Community Documents

In order to understand how Reed functions and how to get things done on campus, it is important to be familiar with Reed’s community documents. These documents include the constitutions, bylaws, and policies that govern a number of aspects of campus life. The following documents can be found at

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