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Restorative Practices: Resources and Links

We provide this page to broaden the conversation around Restorative Practices at Reed and in other contexts. As the Reed Restorative Practices Team tries to establish connections with practicing RJ entities, we also wish to provide various points of information to diversify and strengthen our own understanding of the origins and iterations of this approach to community and justice. 


TEDx Talk: anecdote about the power of restorative conversations to repair harm:


About Peacemaking (from Navajo traditions):


The Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative--this organization seeks to incorporate peacemaking and Restorative Justice practices in Native communities, bringing support to the many tribes, nations, and peoples that were denied their right to engage in indigenous cultural practices. "The mission of the Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative (IPI) is to support Native peoples in restoring sustainable peacemaking by Maintaining a Collection of Tribal Peacemaking Laws... facilitating training... providing technical assistance... [and] engaging in advocacy," ( Their movement is powerful but severely underfunded, and it is important to mention that it is specific to tribal communities. The Reed Restorative Justice Coalition hopes to find ways to support this movement without contributing to the performative feel of some RJ movements in schools and other Western institutions. 


More resources on nationwide peacemaking, tribal laws, and other RJ-related information:


Program incorporating traditional peacemaking circles into tribal justice systems (Tlingit people in Kake, Alaska):


A personal (narrative) experience with restorative justice:


Local (Oregon) Peacegiving practices in Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Tribes:


Restorative Justice in Schools:

Restorative Justice in Education

Evans, Katherine R., Jessica N. Lester, and Vincent A. Anfara. "Restorative Justice in Education: What We Know so Far." Middle School Journal 44, no. 5 (2013): 57-63. Accessed August 19, 2021.


Interesting / Critical links on Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice system: 

Bringing race relations into the Restorative Justice debate

Gavrielides, Theo. "Bringing Race Relations Into the Restorative Justice Debate: An Alternative and Personalized Vision of "the Other"." Journal of Black Studies 45, no. 3 (2014): 216-46. Accessed August 19, 2021.


Restorative Justice and Civic accountability

Dzur, Albert W. "Restorative Justice and Civic Accountability for Punishment." <i>Polity</i> 36, no. 1 (2003): 3-22. Accessed August 19, 2021.