Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Canyon, Farm, and Garden Houses

Canyon House, Farm House, and Garden House sit at the western edge of campus and offer 25 students the opportunity to live in a unique, tight-knit, communal house environment. They also have the same amenities as the residence halls, including common spaces, kitchens, dining rooms, and laundry facilities. 

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Quick facts about Farm House

  • Occupancy: 7 (3 single and 2 double rooms)
  • Access to single-user bathroom
  • Multiple stories; no elevator

Farm House room descriptions

Please note that the designations of a given room (upper-division room, sophomore room, etc.) are subject to change.

Room number Description Designation
100 Single Isolation room
101 Undivided double Isolation room
201 Single Isolation room
202 Single Isolation room
301 Divided double Isolation room

View Farm House floor plans