Religion Department


Religion Podcasts

The Religious Studies Project
Supported by the British Association for the Study of Religion, the RSP posts weekly podcasts and hosts a collection of resources on the study of religion.

American Academy of Religion
Author interviews with winners of the American Academy of Religion book awards.

New Books Network
A website dedicated to audio interviews with authors of new academic books. Interviews are conducted by other academics. Topics covered under their “Religion and Faith” section include: Biblical Studies, Buddhist Studies, Christian Studies, Indian Religions, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Secularism, and Spiritual Practice and Mindfulness

Religion and Its Publics
From the Virginia Center for the Study of Religion based out of the University of Virginia, Religion and Its Publics has periodically released podcasts covering different religious topics. They interview scholars from varying disciplines and focus mainly on current events.

Religion in the News

Religion News Service
An 80-years-old and prominent news service currently housed at the Missouri School of Journalism. RNS both aggregates news articles about religion and produces its own articles written by its own team of professional religion journalists.

Public Religion Research Institute
This is the media outlet for one of the most prominent research institutes for the study of public religion. It includes survey data, press releases, aggregation of news articles about religion with a focus on the United States.

Religious Studies News
An online news magazine about religious studies published by the American Academy of Religion. Its intended audience is mainly scholars and students of religion.

Religion Dispatches
An independent website originally established by scholars of religion that publishes in-house articles with critical views on religion in public life.

The Revealer
An online magazine about religion published by the Center for Religion and Media at New York University. It includes articles by academics as well as journalists.

Religious Studies Professional Websites

American Academy of Religion
The largest academic organization in the world dedicated to the study of religion and the main professional organization for scholars of religion. The AAR has historically been associated with the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). The two organizations have separate memberships but hold their annual meetings at the same time and same place.

North American Association for the Study of Religion
NAASR was established in 1985 as a professional organization for scholars interested in more critical and social scientific rather than theological approaches to the study of religion. Like the Society of Biblical Literature, they hold their annual meetings in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion.

International Association for the History of Religion
The IAHR is an international body of national and regional associations and societies dedicated to the study of religion. It is a good place to go to see what conversations around the study of religion look globally. 

The Immanent Frame
The Immanent Frame was established by the Social Science Research Council to provide an online forum for academics to discuss issues related to religion in the public sphere.

Reading Religion
A website of scholarly reviews of books related to religious studies published by the American Academy of Religion.