What Is a Reedie?

Twelve grads from the Class of ’20 talk about the ideas that ignite them.

September 3, 2020

You can say one thing for the class of 2020—they’re resilient. In the face of a global pandemic, economic meltdown, and immense social dislocation, they stayed true to their compass. We interviewed twelve proud grads to learn more about the ideas that ignited them, the professors who inspired them, and the stuff they did along the way

Beckett Cummings
David Kerry
Giorlando Ramirez
Hala Baba
Hayden Henderson
Jacey de la Torre
Maxine Elena Calle
Mayaki Kimba
Shea Seery
Stephanie Gee
Steven Garcia
Zesean Moix Ali


Life of a Galaxy, In Ten Seconds

Meet physics major Beckett Cummings ’20.

Colonialism in the US and the Philippines

Meet history major David Kerry ’20.

What Happens When a Country's Currency Takes a Nose-Dive?

Meet economics major Giorlando Ramirez ’20.

Syrian Refugees in Australia

Meet international and comparative policy studies–anthropology major Hala Baba ’20.

Using School Lunch As a Tool To Fight Climate Change

Meet environmental studies–political science major Hayden Hendersen ’20.

Ghost Stories And Running Shoes.

Meet English major Jacey de la Torre ’20.

The Acrobat of Morse Theory

Meet math major Maxine Elena Calle ’20.

Citizenship and Racism

Meet political science major Mayaki Kimba ’20.

Art, Politics, and Rhizomatic Root Structures

Meet comparative literature major Shea Seery ’20.

Zebrafish And Radiation

Meet neuroscience major Stephanie Gee ’20.

Getting The Dirt On Portland’s Soil

Meet art and biology major Steven Garcia ’20.

Untangling Lion’s Mane

Meet chemistry major Zesean Moiz Ali ’20.



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