Alumni Raise a Glass For Reed (and Dionysus)

By Marina Muñoz de Martínez | June 12, 2017

Like a cluster of grapes, alumni of all vintages gathered last week to drink wine, celebrate Reed vintners, and raise money for Reed.

More than 70 alumni converged on the second annual Reedies Drink Reedie Wine for Reed event, where they enjoyed a profusion of reds, whites, and rosé from seven Reed winemakers:

The real highlight of the evening may have been a presentation by recent grad Nicolette Sutherland ʼ17 on her thesis, Cross-modal Perceptual Learning: A Novel Shape-Tasting Method for Sensory Discrimination of Wine.

Held in a chic Ducati dealership in Portland, this year’s event was hosted by Alumni Fundraising for Reed and the Portland Alumni Chapter and and raised $2,513 for Reed.

Organizer Dylan Rivera ʼ95 launched the event after his class coordinated a wine tasting at its 20th Reed reunion. He thought this should happen more often, but with a philanthropic component. “Reed was such a life-changing experience for me, I see it as my duty to give back  as much as I can,” Dylan says. “I benefitted from financial aid, and by giving to the Annual Fund every year, I help give a new generation access to the education that has enriched my whole life.”

Special thanks to the following alumni, who helped make this event happen: Stephany Watson ’82, Dylan Rivera ’95, Andrew Schpak ’01, Katherine Woods-Morse ’01, and Caroll Casbeer ’10.

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