General Lit Major Wins Unrue Award

July 21, 2016

General literature major Carol Iglesias Otero ’16 has won the John Gregory Unrue ’84 Memorial Award for an outstanding thesis in the division of literature and languages.

The award committee cited Carol’s “exceptionally original and accomplished scholarship on a famously complex and challenging text by Paul Valéry.”

Her adviser, Prof. Jan Mieszkowski[German and Comparative Literature], noted: “The argument moves seamlessly between reflections on individual lines, words, or punctuation marks and larger observations about poetry, science, and literary history. The result is an elegant constellation of theoretical and practical interventions, something that one encounters all too rarely in our field.”

The Unrue award recognizes outstanding work in the Division of Literature and Languages and comes with a cash prize. It was created with a gift from John and Darlene Unrue in memory of their son Greg Unrue ’84, who died in 2008.

English major Hannah Fung-Wiener ’16 also earned the award.

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