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2021 Conferences

American Educational Research Association – Virtual

Liu, Z. V., Scherfling, N., & Corpus, J. H. (2021, April). Contingent self-worth as a predictor of motivational change over the first semester of college.

2020 Conferences

American Educational Research Association

Corpus, J. H. (2020, April). Mentoring emerging motivation scholars in a predominantly undergraduate institution. In E. Rosenzweig, A. C. Koenka, & M. Daumiller (Chairs), Better mentors: A workshop for early-career motivation scholars.

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Koenka, A. C., Dent, A. L., & Corpus, J. H. (2020, April) The maladaptive consequences of mathematics tracking and how a growth mindset intervention can moderate them.

Oregon Academy of Science – Portland, OR

Moran, H., & Corpus, J. H. (2020, February). Mindset as a predictor of academic achievement and academic buoyancy.

Scherfling, N., & Corpus, J. H. (2020, February). Intelligence mindset, goal endorsement, and perceptions of feedback among college students.

2019 Conferences

Society for the Study of Human Development – Portland, OR

Martinez-Picazo, P., & Corpus, J. H. (2019, October). Self-efficacy and the regulation of motivation.

Naveed, T., & Corpus, J. H. (2019, October). Academic self-handicapping and its correlates in early adolescence.

Willson, J. S. G., & Corpus, J. H. (2019, October). Mindfulness, consent, gender identity, and sexual orientation: Health education in elementary school.

Society for the Science of Motivation – Washington, D.C.

Koenka, A. C., Dent, A. L., & Corpus, J. H. (2019, May). Can a growth mindset intervention overcome messages about the stability of intelligence?

Society for Research in Child Development – Baltimore, MD

Corpus, J. H., & Biesanz, C. H. (2019, April). Shifts in motivation and belonging as predictors of college student retention: A mixed-methods approach.

2018 Conferences

American Educational Research Association – New York, NY

Appelbaum, M. S., & Corpus, J. H., (2018, April). Academic motivation in undergraduates: A person-centered mixed-methods analysis.

Corpus, J. H., Appelbaum. M. S., & Buttrill, S. E. (2018, April). Trajectories of autonomous motivation over the first semester of college: Links to shifts in self-efficacy and belonging.

2017 Conferences

Cognitive Development Society – Portland, OR

Good, K., & Corpus, J. H. (2017, October). The effect of praise type and linguistic cues on parents’ beliefs about their children.

Society for Research in Child Development – Austin, TX

Appelbaum, M. S., Buttrill, S. E., Troxell Whitman, Z. M., & Corpus, J. H. (2017, April). Trajectories of motivational change across the first semester of college.

2016 Conferences

American Educational Research Association, Washington, D.C.

Morris, B. C., & Corpus, J. H. (2016, April). Preschool children’s learning and motivation in game-based learning contexts.

Maita-Keppeler, T., Chavez, A.E., & Corpus, J. H. (2016, April). A Self-Determination Theory approach to understanding motivational profiles: Links to academic emotions and substance use. In L. Linnenbrink-Garcia & S. V. Wormington (Chairs), Person-centered research: A methodological answer to motivation theory’s most critical questions.