2018–19 Presidential Search

News and Updates

To: The Reed College Community
From: Alex J. Martinez ’73, Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Date: October 17, 2018

Dear Reed community,

Since convening in June, the Presidential Search Committee has been working on developing a position statement for the search for Reed’s next president.

In preparation for writing the position statement, the committee gathered input from the Reed community through forums for alumni, faculty, students, and staff; through a stakeholder survey, which over 700 community members completed; through individual meetings and phone calls with community members; and via dedicated email addresses where community members were encouraged to send their thoughts about the search and what the committee should look for in the next president of the college.

Community input regarding the desired qualifications and characteristics of Reed’s next president informed the committee and helped shape the position statement.

Thank you to everyone who participated. The committee could not have written the position statement without your input. Special thanks also to search committee member and trustee Dylan Rivera ’95, who spearheaded the development and writing of the position statement and patiently accepted and incorporated nearly constant revisions to the document.

The next important step is to build a strong and diverse candidate pool.

If you have a candidate recommendation, please email ReedPresident18@storbecksearch.com or presidentialsearch@reed.edu.

Thank you,


View the presidential search statement