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Subject: Wells Fargo Protests

October 27, 2017

Yesterday evening, October 26, 2017, a group of students protesting against our banking relationship with Wells Fargo crossed a line to a point of concern. The students entered the Office of the Vice President & Treasurer, reiterated stated demands that have previously been addressed, and verbally harassed a staff member. After requests to leave the office by the staff member, the Dean of the Faculty, and the Associate Treasurer and Controller, the students refused and several occupied the office overnight. Sensitive documents had to be secured or removed in order to protect confidentiality. The Business Office and the Treasurer's office are closed today as a result.

We condemn this behavior. This conduct violates the principles of respectful dialogue upon which this community is based. Dissent is encouraged at Reed, but harassment is not.

Reed is governed by policies and an honor principle which call on us to conduct ourselves responsibly and in a way that does not cause unnecessary pain or discomfort to any member of the Reed community. The college will initiate its judicial process immediately in order to hold students accountable. I am speaking to the students involved this morning and am available to any community member who has questions or concerns.