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Subject: United States Departments of Justice and Education Issued Guidance Under Title IX

February 23, 2017

Dear Reed students, staff, and faculty,

On May 3, 2016, the United States Departments of Justice and Education issued guidance under Title IX designed to ensure that transgender students can attend school in an environment free from discrimination. Yesterday, those two departments withdrew and rescinded that guidance.

I want to be very clear that this policy decision will not result in any changes to Reed policies and practices. For example, Reed will continue to provide restrooms across campus for community members of all gender identities.

Reed is deeply committed to the principle of maintaining an inclusive community for all our students--including our transgender and gender nonconforming students. We remain committed to this principle regardless of the federal government's position.

For more information on Reed's resources for transgender and gender nonconforming students, staff, and faculty, please refer to the Office for Inclusive Community.


John R. Kroger