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Subject: Smoking Policy

March 4, 2014

Dear Reed Community Members:

As you may know, at the behest of the faculty and in accordance with the Community Constitution, the Student Senate and the Community Affairs Committee worked over the course of the year to develop a new smoking policy for Reed. Earlier this week, the new policy was approved by the Student Senate and endorsed by the Community Affairs Committee. Last night, the faculty debated the policy, but because we did not have a quorum present, the faculty could not take action on the proposal. Pursuant to the Community Constitution, that means the new policy is adopted. It is enclosed here.

The new policy requires the construction of at least four smoking shelters and does not take effect until those shelters are in place, and the policy is declared to be in force by the president. In the coming weeks, I will provide the community with an estimate as to when I expect the policy will go into effect. In the meantime, I ask all community members to avoid exposing their friends, colleagues and teachers to second-hand smoke and to dispose properly of cigarette waste.

Thank you.

John R. Kroger
Reed College

I am out of the country until November 24, but will, of course, be happy to sit down and talk with anyone who would like to, about this or any other issue. In the meantime, please reach out to Lorraine Arvin if you have any questions.


John Kroger