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Subject: Regarding video of a faculty member

March 29, 2022

Dear Reed students, faculty, and staff,

A number of you have contacted the college with concerns about a video circulating on social media that shows a Reed faculty member making offensive and racist comments at a local business. We express our support for the employees insulted in the video.

This matter has our full attention, both to ascertain the accuracy of the video, to engage a valued member of our community in conversation about what it appears to show, and to follow our guidelines for addressing discriminatory speech. These guidelines include the faculty code of conduct, our Title IX, and our Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policies. The college has developed practices and policies in order to support a diverse and inclusive community. We engage in this work collectively, and we hold the expectation that members of our community engage in this work in their daily lives.


Audrey Bilger

Kathy Oleson
Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Psychology