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Subject: Regarding wildfires in the region

September 9, 2020

Dear Reed students, faculty, and staff,

When I arrived at Reed this morning, I found the campus peaceful. The harsh winds that temporarily disrupted power on campus had subsided, and our conscientious grounds crew was clearing the debris left by the heavy gusts. Classes are proceeding, and our work continues. My thoughts, however, are with those around the state and in the West who are suffering the devastation that the wildfires are causing.

I am concerned for Reed families and friends who may be affected by this fire and for others in the region, such as those in Mill City, where the Santiam Canyon fire has claimed homes and businesses. It is of some comfort that there have been no reports of fatalities, thanks to the heroic efforts of first responders and firefighters who continue to put their lives at risk to help protect others.

It is important to note that Multnomah County, where Reed resides, has no warnings or precautions related to fires at this time; this map shows the areas that are affected by the evacuation protocols.

If you are a student with concerns for loved ones who may be affected by these fires, please reach out to the Reed Care Team so that we can help to support you. Faculty and staff, please reach out to human resources or to your supervisor to learn about what help Reed may be able to provide if you are evacuated. At the moment, the college has seven open apartments that can be used for emergency accommodations for individuals impacted by evacuation orders.

Please stay safe and be well.

All my best,



Audrey Bilger