Summer Research Opportunities

Off Campus Opportunities

Student interested in seeking off campus research opportunities may wish to consult this compilation of research opportunities maintained by Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Research.


Neuroscience Research Fellowship (NRF)

The Neuroscience Research Fellowship is derived generous donation from Zeke Koch a graduate of the Psychology Department in 1995. The Fellowship provides a competitive summer stipend of $6400. The intent of the program is to benefit Reed interdisciplinary Neuroscience students by preparing them for thesis, and graduate school or other avenues to a career in neuroscience. The fellowship opportunity is also designed to provide students with strong research skills. 

Up to three Summer Research Fellows will be selected (one of which may be a post-bac research experience. The applicant must be a “Neuroscience major”. For students in their 3rd year or above, this is demonstrated by the declaration of major. For students in the 1st or second year, “neuroscience major” standing can be demonstrated by having indicated an intent to major in neuroscience and/or a transcript that shows substantial progress toward the requirements for a neuroscience major. The fellowship requires a Reed Faculty mentor in whose lab the research will be conducted. This mentor would most logically hail from either the Biology or Psychology Department but applications to pursue neuroscience relevant, chemistry, physics, or computer science research will also be entertained. Preference will be given for strong collaborative and interdisciplinary proposals.

The Research Proposal (2 page single spaced limit) prepared in collaboration with their selected faculty mentor should include:

  • Project Title & Intended Faculty Mentor
  • Introduction & Background including project goal or hypothesis
  • General methods to be used (detailed experimental design is not necessary)
  • Describe the contributions of all members involved in the collaborative project
  • Potential scientific impact
  • References (use a consistent format) 

Additional information to be provided on a separate sheet should include:

  • Demonstration of intent to major in Neuroscience.
  • Rough budget indicating any major supplies and reagents needed beyond those already available in the host department (complete this in consultation with the mentor). 

Fellowship recipients are expected to:

  • Complete 10 weeks of research.
  • Present a research poster for the Reed Summer Research Symposium
  • Write a short introspective summary regarding the benefits of the experience. 

Submit an electronic copy of the proposal to the Neuroscience Administrator, Kristy Gonyer (, by the deadline 5pm, Wed, March 8th, 2023.