Mail Services


Mail Services is central receiving for all mail and  shipments to the college for students, staff and faculty offices. We provide mailing and shipping services for all college offices, individuals, neighbors and visitors to Reed.

We provide full service iMB non profit, First class and Periodical bulk mail preparation services for Reed offices and organizations.

Our phone numbers are 503/777-7214 or 503/517-7378 / email:


Public window hours
Mailing supplies
Box stuffers
Postal information


Addressing mail to Reed College
Mail forwarding
Daily receiving and delivery procedures
Other hints & tips


Public window hours



Mail Services is open between 9 AM & 4 PM weekdays. We sell postage stamps and mail / ship through  USPS, UPS, DHL & FEDEX.

Addressing mail To Reed College

To departments or faculty / staff members To student Mail Stop


Department or Office

Reed College

3203 SE Woodstock Blvd

Portland OR 97202

Student name

Reed College MS #

3203 SE Woodstock Blvd

Portland OR 97202

Daily receiving and delivery procedures

The Post Office delivers incoming mail once a day around 10 a.m.. Depending on volume, mail from this delivery will be in student boxes between 11AM & 1PM. UPS, Fed-Ex, and other deliveries also usually arrive around 10 AM and are delivered as quickly as staffing allows. 

We prepare our outgoing mail every weekday day afternoon. DHL and UPS pick up by 2:00 p.m.. FEDEX and USPS leave at 2:30 p.m.

 See Mail Services Schedule


Mailing supplies

Along with airbills and shipping containers for the various mailing and shipping services, we have shipping tape, a small selection of regular and padded envelopes and intra-campus mail envelopes. There is a package recycling station in Mail Service lobby with free  re used shipping containers and packing material. The bookstore carries a wider selection of stationery note cards and envelopes, Greeting cards and new shipping boxes. If you need specially printed envelopes or postcards Print Services, in the basement of Eliot Hall, can help you.


Box stuffers

There are several things you can do to speed the delivery of your student box stuffing.

  • Bring it to us at least two days before the information is needed in boxes.
  • Use at least 3 inch by 5 inch pieces of paper; half sheets are better.
  • If the stuffer is for a selected group, write their box numbers and put the pieces in box number order.
  • Call ahead and tell mail service (ext 7214) you have something to be stuffed and when it will be ready.

Mail Services will not accept or allow the following types of material for insertion in the student mail boxes:

  • Anonymous submissions
  • Advertisements for sale of merchandise or services (except those that arrive in the U.S. mail)
  • Political advertising for college, city, county, state, or federal election (except those that arrive in the U.S. mail)
  • Personal statements of opinion (use the Quest)

What mail services will do:

  • We will put your stuffer in the boxes same day or next day depending on when it reaches us and how busy we are. Call if your stuffer needs to go into the boxes immediately; if that is the case mail services may ask that you help with delivery.


Postal information

Always use proper and complete addressing when you mail. By following the information below customers will get the very best service the Postal Service has to offer.

Proper addressing

  • Use the top line of your address for your attention line.
  • Do not abbreviate city names.
  • Make sure the address is left justified with a uniform left margin.
  • The delivery address should be directly above the city, state, ZIP code line.

Complete addressing

  • Always include street numbers and street names.
  • Always use pre-directionals and post-directionals where appropriate.
  • Always include suite and apartment numbers when appropriate.
  • Always include a city name and the two-letter state abbreviation.
  • Always use the correct ZIP code (or the correct ZIP + 4 code if you know it).


Mail forwarding

Students Faculty and Staff: Leaving Reed? You need to forward your mail!

If you are leaving your on-campus mailing address (for the summer, an extended leave, or permanently) please log in here to register your forwarding address with Mail Services. We will see your mail is delivered to the new address.



Other hints & tips

Oddly shaped articles - like keys, bottle caps, pens, and x-ray films - will not be accepted by the post office in letter-size, first-class envelopes. They do not fit in their machines or ours. They can be put in padded envelopes and sandwiched between thick card stock paper.

To facilitate processing of batches of envelopes, please put the flaps of the letter-sized envelopes in the openposition. Separate international letters from domestic ones!

End seal envelopes must be sealed prior to submission to Mail Services. Our machine does not seal them.