Information Technology

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Policy

Approved by the CPC on 10/27/10. Revised 6/21/2013, 3/16/2020; updated 11/15/2022, Approved by the CPPC on 3/27/2023

Virtual Private Network (VPN) access enables an individual from off-campus (outside the college firewall) to access electronic resources as if they were logged in on-campus.

Reed College currently offers limited VPN capabilities to administrative staff and faculty for college business and academic work.

In general, Reed does not provide VPN access to others. However, temporary VPN access can be granted on an ad hoc basis to current students, alumni, or others if needed for:

  • curricular or research activities, as required by a faculty member
  • research collaborations by individuals from other institutions
  • college business functions

VPN access will be provided to administrative staff who require it for their business functions. All other individuals needing to use the VPN  must submit a written request to Information Technology by filling out the VPN Request Form. (Reed login is required)

Such requests must detail the reason that VPN access is required, the duration for which the access will be needed, and –– if the request is not made by a current faculty or staff member –– the faculty or staff member who will sponsor the request.

Each VPN request will be evaluated individually and access will be granted only if a user is able to take appropriate security precautions to manage VPN access. IT reserves the right to deny a VPN request if secure management of VPN access is not evident.

VPN usage is restricted to college-owned computers. Exceptions to this restriction for VPN usage on a personally-owned device will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If VPN access is approved for use on a personally-owned device, the device must pass an initial security screening by IT staff. Security re-verification is required annually.

For all approved VPN requests, IT will provide appropriate software and configuration assistance to establish VPN connectivity securely.

Any unauthorized use or abuse of Reed VPN or other remote access services may result in termination of VPN privileges and/or further action by the college. All users must sign and abide by the Reed College Computer User Agreement and all VPN traffic will be subject to the same policies and procedures as local network traffic which may include monitoring and recording.