Information Technology

Computing Resources for Emeritus Faculty

Approved by the CPC at the 11/21/2008 meeting, revised 2/19/2016, revised 2/10/2020; updated 11/15/2022.



Upon retirement, computing equipment allocated to a faculty member must be returned to Information Technology (IT). However, emeriti who continue to have teaching or thesis supervision responsibilities may keep appropriate computing equipment and software and receive computing support on the same basis as other members of the faculty.

When a faculty member is about to attain emeriti status, s/he may write to the Chief Information Officer requesting that computing resources provided by Reed College continue to be made available. The letter should state:

  • the computing resources (hardware and software to be kept, and serial numbers of hardware, if available);
  • the length of time the resources will be required.

The Chief Information Officer will consult with the Dean of Faculty as necessary regarding such requests.  If a request is approved, existing equipment and software allocation will remain unchanged. If the request is denied, the faculty member may utilize Reed’s educational discount to purchase and own new computing equipment and software.

Emeriti who are teaching or supervising theses may send computer requests for equipment upgrades or replacements to the Chief Information Officer during the annual Computing Equipment Request process in March.  Emeriti who were not provided with a computer when they retired but who are taking on teaching or thesis supervision may also submit a request for equipment during the annual request process. The Chief Information Officer will prioritize these requests and will consult with the Dean of Faculty as necessary.  

Computing Support

  1. Computer repairs will be provided by CUS for Reed-owned hardware. Emeriti seeking repairs for personally-owned devices may be directed to Apple or another external service provider.
  2. Software technical support will be provided to all emeriti who are engaged in teaching or thesis advising.
  3. All emeriti will retain their Reed computing accounts. They may continue to use the Reed network from computers directly connected to the campus network.
  4. Requests for computer assistance from emeriti who are not teaching or thesis advising will be given a lower priority and may be directed to external support resources for (e.g. an Apple Store).