Information Technology

Email Address Policy

Approved by the Computing Policy Committee 2/18/2005; updated 11/28/2022


Network name A unique character string usually based on a real name, assigned by IT. Ideally, network name is used uniformly for all computer account names at Reed (Kerberos, IMAP, unix, Mac, Windows, etc).
Primary email address
Full name email address An email address, based on a real name, assigned by IT, of the form Exceptions, such as the inclusion of middle initials, may be made to ensure uniqueness.
Alternate email address Additional addresses of the form, that are tested for uniqueness before being adopted, and created as aliases for lookup and routing.
Nickname A user-created, not necessarily unique, email address.

Naming Policy

Nicknames are not implemented in the IMAP mail system. All IMAP users automatically get two email addresses:

  1. Primary email address (
  2. Full name email address ( or a variation if that is not unique)

Users may receive, upon request, alternate email addresses to:

  1. facilitate directory lookup and mail routing (e.g., Vlad for Vladan)
  2. catch common misspellings (e.g. Heda for Hedda)
  3. conduct college business (e.g.
  4. comply with college policy or legal guidelines (e.g. to honor FERPA confidentiality requests)

Full name email addresses and alternate email addresses are created as aliases and stored in the LDAP Common Name field to ensure that directory lookups and mail routing work consistently.

Email aliases may be requested by logging on to IRIS and selecting Campus Email Prefs.


Alternate form of first name

Kichiro Madhava
Unique email address
Full name email address
Alternate email address

College business

Mayur Sjöberg
Unique email address
Full name email address
Alternate email address