Information Technology

CPPC Charge

The purpose of the Computing Planning and Policy Committee is:
  • To serve as the principal forum for the discussion of technology problems and priorities for the institution;
  • To maintain a framework for strategic technology planning and to identify technology priorities to be incorporated into institutional planning;
  • To develop and enact policies for the use of information technology consistent with the goals and limitations of the college; and
  • To identify the level of technological resources needed to achieve the college's academic and administrative objectives.

The composition of the CPPC is listed below. The Committee is chaired by a member of the faculty.

Faculty representatives from each curricular division: 5
Student representatives: 2
Dean of the Faculty (or designee) (ex officio): 1
Vice President/Treasurer (or designee) (ex officio): 1
Librarian (ex officio): 1
Director of Institutional Research (ex officio): 1
Administrative staff representative: 1
Chief Information Officer (ex officio): 1
IT staff member (rotating): 1

Total: 14

Current CPPC Roster

Last modified: November 2022