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Amazon Kindle DX Project Pilot Overview


Kindle Summary Report and Video

A summary of pilot project findings and observations on future requirements for eReaders in higher education prepared February 26, 2010. Download the summary report (.pdf).

A presentation of findings and round-table discussion of the Kindle Project, hosted by the Berglund Center for Internet Studies, is available at:

Project Purpose and Scope

Kindle DX

In conjunction with six other colleges and universities, Reed is exploring the use of electronic book (e-book) technology. During fall semester 2009, the students are using the Kindle for their races. The goals of the project are:

  • assess the overall prospects of e-book technology for curricular use
  • identify specific impacts (both positive and negative) of e-book technology on teaching and learning activities
  • identify features of the Kindle DX whose modification (or addition) would improve its usability for curricular purposes

Potential long-term benefits of e-book technology we hope to explore include: (a) the ability for students to have immediate, searchable access to all their course materials in one, lightweight device; (b) a reduction in the total cost of course materials; (c) a reduction in the use of paper; (d) opportunities for faculty and students to share electronic comments on course materials; and (e) integration of e-book technology with other curricular tools such as Moodle (Reed's open source learning management system).

Courses in the Pilot

Kindle Cover
  • English 301: Junior Seminar in English –– Irony, Allegory, Epic, Novel
  • French 451: Special Topics in French Literature –– The History of Truth and Authenticity from Montaigne to Sartre
  • Political Science 422: Nuclear Politics –– The origins and effects of the spread of nuclear weapons

Participation and Benefits

  • Participation in the pilot project is entirely voluntary. Students who do not wish to participate in the project are able to obtain course materials from the College Bookstore as usual.
  • Project participants each receive a Kindle DX.  Participants who complete the course, provide required feedback and abide by the terms of the project are allowed to keep the Kindle DX at the conclusion of the pilot project.



We are grateful to Amazon for including Reed in this project and to Susie Kroll, Amazon Kindle Senior Business Development Manager, for working closely with Reed throughout every stage of the project.
We are also grateful to the following Reed staff members who contributed to the project:
Marianne Colgrove, Director of Web Services and Deputy CTO
Jennifer Henderlong Corpus, Associate Professor of Psychology and Chair, Human Subjects Research Committee
Tony Moreno, Digital Media Specialist
Christine Morita-McVey, CIS Administrative Assistant
Molly Thurston Parker, CIS Administrative Assistant
Rabeca Reese, Computer Sales & Service Coordinator
Jon Rivenburg, Director of Institutional Research

Contacts at Reed

Dr. Martin Ringle
Chief Information Officer

Dr. Trina Marmarelli
Instructional Technologist

Reed College Kindle Participation Press Release

Other Institutions Participating in the Kindle Pilot