Information Technology

iPad Program for Faculty

A compilation of the Spring-Summer 2011 Faculty iPad Proposals is available here:  Download the proposals (.pdf)

A summary report from the first round of Reed's iPad program for faculty is available here: Download the summary report (.pdf)


To enable faculty to explore the use of tablet computing for their teaching. The iPad program for faculty began in November 2010 and ended in October 2012. Faculty members who wish to use iPads in their teaching and research may now request them through the regular yearly computer equipment request (CER) process.


Faculty members who wished to experiment with (or apply) iPad or other tablet technology in their teaching submitted brief proposals detailing the pedagogical use(s) to which the device would be put.


When requests were approved, the College provided the faculty member with a credit of up to $500 with which a 16GB, WiFi iPad or similar device could be purchased from the Reed Computer Store (ETC-116). Faculty members who wished to purchase a more expensive device were responsible for any additional cost as well as the cost of software apps and any monthly connection charges.


With the exception of visiting faculty members who had one-year appointments or were in their final contract year, all academic faculty members who had not previously acquired an iPad by means of college funding were eligible to apply for an iPad allowance under this program. Faculty members who had already purchased iPads or other tablets with personal funds were eligible to request a credit under this program only for the purpose of purchasing a new device from the Reed Computer Store.


Ownership of the device rested with the faculty member, not the College. However, participants agreed not to re-sell the devices within one year of purchase and to use them in accordance with campus network security and other computing guidelines.


Faculty members were required to submit 1-2 page reports detailing their use of the device and its ability (or inability) to meet their teaching needs. A report template was distributed to faculty receiving allowances under this program.

Program Review

In March 2012, the CPC reviewed the program and decided to continue it. During the 2012-2013 academic year, the CPC again reviewed the program (including the number of requests, percentage approved, copies of faculty reports, and other information) and decided to make iPads part of the standard yearly computer equipment request (CER) process.