Institutional Review Board

Submission Forms & Materials

Submission Form (Word DOC)

NOTE: You will notice that the Submission Form is protected. This allows us to incorporate some formatting that makes the reading of the forms easier for the Committee. Please leave these protected.

In addition to the Submission Form, you may need to include some of the following documents with your proposal (if applicable):

  • Non-Reed IRB Approval (please upload approval letters from other institutions)

  • Appendices
  • Participant Recruitment Materials
    Append materials that will be used for recruiting research participants such as flyers, ads, letters, emails, oral scripts, etc. Example participant recruitment scripts (Word DOC).

  • Consent Documents
    See Participant Consent page for guidelines and sample consent documents.

  • Questionnaires, Surveys & Interview Protocol
    For Exempt, Expedited, and Full proposals, please append all questionnaires, surveys, sample items from computers tasks, or any other materials that participants will be reading, evaluating, or filling out. If participants will be interviewed, provide sample questions.

  • Please Note: IRB contact information on consent forms must include the IRB Co-Chairs:

    Professor Michael Pitts
    Co-Chair, Reed College IRB
    Office Phone: 503-517-7721

    Professor Sameer ud Dowla Khan
    Co-Chair, Reed College IRB
    Office Phone: 503-517-4018

Please note that the submission process for all IRB documents has recently changed. All materials can now be submitted via the online portal in IRIS.  You must convert your documents to PDF format prior to submission.  Contact Kayla Johnston at if you have any questions regarding the new submission process.