Institutional Review Board


Committee Review Calendar

Spring 2024 Calendar For Full Review Proposals:

Proposals Submitted by 11:30 am on: Reviewed at IRB Meeting on:
Friday, February, 16th Monday, March 4th
Monday, April 1st Monday, April 15th

For Expedited Proposals:

Expedited proposals may be submitted at anytime. An expedited review will be completed usually within 2-3 weeks.

For Exempt Categories 2 and 3 (Limited Review) Proposals:

Proposals that meet the critera for exempt category 2 and exempt category 3 may be submitted at anytime. A limited review will usually be completed within 1-2 weeks of submission.

For Exempt Categories 1 and 4 Proposals:

Proposals that meet the criteria for exempt category 1 and exempt category 4 may be submitted at anytime. Confirmation of exemption determination can be expected within a few days.

Individuals who are applying for Initiative Grants in Undergraduate Research should contact Kayla Johnston for more information on how the IRB-approval process works in conjunction with the Initiative Grant timeline.