Humanities 110

Introduction to the Humanities

Final Exam Instructions

The Hum 110 final is scheduled for Wednesday December 14 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noonThis is an open-book, open-note exam. While you may consult the assigned course materials, lectures, your notes, and handouts, you may not consult other online materials or other people for the duration of the exam. For this exam, as for all other exams at Reed, the Honor Principle applies. Failure to adhere to the requirements set out above will constitute academic misconduct.

The final exam will consist of two parts: (1) close readings of objects or passages and (2) essay questions. 

Part One (approximately one hour; make sure to use some of this time for editing) will require students to close read one of each of the following 

  1. a literary passage, 
  2. a work of art or architecture, and 
  3. a passage from either a historical or philosophical work. 

All passages and objects will be taken from the works assigned for the class, including galleries.  Students will be able to choose from two options in each of these categories. The creator, title of work, place it was made, and date will be supplied. Responses should articulate why the passage or image is important, in terms of the work as a whole from which it is derived, the time and place in which it was produced or read/viewed/performed, and/or the larger unit of the course in which it was assigned. In your close reading, you might draw on ideas elaborated in the lectures and your conference.

Part Two (approximately three hours; make sure to use some of this time for editing and to divide your time evenly between the two questions): 

  1. Select one of two essay questions that require you to trace a theme in three of the works we have studied this semester, including at least one from from two different cultures we have studied including Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient Israelites, Persia, or Greece
  2. Select one of two essay questions, all of which require you to write on Plato and/or Thucydides, but may include comparison to other texts. 

Students who have accommodations from DAR are encouraged to use them for the exam. If your accommodation includes extra time, you may find it helpful to remind your conference leader of this before the exam begins.

Your work is due, either in Vollum Lecture Hall or in your instructor’s electronic mailbox, no later than Wednesday, December 14, at 12:00 p.m. You may take the exam in Vollum lecture hall or from anywhere you have an internet connection.

When the exam goes live, it will be posted here.