Humanities 110

Introduction to the Humanities

Basic Chronology of the Ancient World - Fall Semester

Map for the basic chronology of the ancient world
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(all dates BCE)

Date Egypt Greece West Asia
c. 5400 BCE     Founding of Eridu

Origins of Urban Life
c. 4000-3500     Founding of Uruk

Rise of the City-State
c. 3500-3200     Refinement and spread of Sumerian cuneiform writing
c. 3100-2350 Early Dynastic period of Egypt (c. 3100-2600)   Early Dynastic Period of Mesopotamia (c. 2900-2350)

Historical reign of Gilgamesh (c. 2700) Map
c. 2600-2130 The Old Kingdom (c. 2600-2130) Map

Building of the pyramids

Pyramid Texts
First Akkad Dynasty
c. 2040-1640 The Middle Kingdom (c. 2040-1640) Map

Tale of Sinuhe; Map

Coffin Texts;

Dialogue Between a Man and his Soul
Ur III Dynasty (c. 2112-2004)

Shulgi I institutes scribal academies.

poems (version of The Epic of Gilgamesh)
c. 1894-1595 Founding of Babylon (c. 1900)
First Babylonian Empire(c. 1894-1595)

Code of Hammurabi (c. 1772) Map

Surpassing All Other Kings
(version of The Epic of Gilgamesh)
c. 1800 Teaching of Khety
1595 BCE   Mycenaean Civilization (c. 1600-1100) Map
Sack of Babylon;

Fall of First Babylonian Empire
(1595 BCE)
c. 1570-1070 The New Kingdom (c. 1550-1070) Map Kassite Dynasty in Babylon (c. 1570-1155)
c. 1550-1070 Book of the Dead;

Horus and Seth;

The Hymn to Osiris;

Love Lyrics
and Harpers Songs
c. 1550-1150 Construction of the temples at Karnak, Map Development of Linear B (Minoan) script (c. 1450) He Who Saw the Deep compiled by Sîn-lēqi-unninni (c. 1400-1000) (version of The Epic of Gilgamesh)
c. 1332-1323 Rule of Tutankhamun    
c. 1250-1220   "The Trojan War" [Troy] (c. 1250-1220)  
c. 1200-1150 The Catastrophe:
Egypt invaded by Sea Peoples
The Catastrophe:
Collapse of Mycenaean Civilization; loss of writing
The Catastrophe:
Invasion by Sea Peoples and drought cause mass abandonment of cities in Mesopotamia.
c. 1150-800   Greek Dark Age (c. 1150-800) Map  
1069-664 Third Intermediate Period – Period of political disunity in Egypt
c. 1050-950   Greek colonization of Asia Minor (western coast of Turkey)  
c. 1000-961     Reign of King David in Israel, Map
c. 924   Israelites split into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, Map
c. 911-609   Neo-Assyrian Empire (c. 911-609) Map
c. 900   Beginning of the rise of the polis (city-state)
c. 858-853     Assyrians conquer Babylon
c. 800-480   Archaic Period (c. 800-480) Map  
776   Olympic Games established
c. 770-750   Greeks adopt Phoenician alphabet via Ionian colonies
c. 750   Greek colonization of Southern Italy and Sicily begins
747-656 Dynasty 25 – Nubian kings conquer and unify Egypt
c. 721     Sargonid Dynasty (c. 721-612) begins in Assur
c. 720   Homer, Iliad Map  
c. 705-689     Sennacherib I moves Assyrian capital to Nineveh; wages war on Babylon and Judah
c. 700   Homer, Odyssey;

Hesiod, Theogony and; Works and Days [Ithaca] Map
c. 680   Archilochus (lyric poet) [Paros] Map  
c. 680-669 Assyrian conquest of Egypt   Assyrian conquest of Egypt
664-332 Late Period
664-539 Saite Dynasty (Dynasty 26); Egypt is unified and a major power in the Near East
664-610 Reign of Psammetichus I; Greek and Carian mercenaries settle in Egypt
c. 650   Greek colonization around the Black Sea begins  
c. 650-630   Tyrtaeus (poet/soldier) [Sparta] Map  
626-539     Neo-Babylonian Empire (c. 626-539) Map
612   Fall of Nineveh; end of the Neo-Assyrian Empire
c. 600   Sappho (lyric poet) [Lesbos] Map

Thales (philosopher) [Miletus] Map
594-593   Archonship of Solon (politician and poet) [Athens] Map
587-586     Babylonians capture Jerusalem and destroy temple; beginning of the Babylonian exile [Babylon]
c. 585-450   Anacreon (poet/reveler, c. 582-485) Map

Xenophanes (poet/philosopher, c. 570-475) Map
Genesis, Map, and Exodus, Map (c. 550-450)
570-526 Reign of Amasis
c. 550-350     Book of Job (c. 550-350) Map
550-330     Achaemenid Empire (c. 550-330) Map
539-530     Persians conquer Babylon and free the Israelite

Cyrus Cylinder
525 King Cambyses of Persia conquers Egypt   King Cambyses of Persia conquers Egypt
522-486     Reign of King Darius in Persia

Bisitun Inscription
508-507   Cleisthenes Reforms the Athenian Constitution  
490-479   War between Greece and Persia War between Greece and Persia
c. 480-323   Classical Greece (c. 480-323) Map  
458   Aeschylus, Oresteia
c. 450-420   Herodotus composes his Histories of the Persian War

Map, Achemenid Empire

Map, Book 1

Map, Books 2-5

Map, Books 6-7
c. 450-430 Herodotus visits Egypt
447   Parthenon begun in Athens, Map  
441   Sophocles, Antigone
431-404   Peloponnesian War (Athens and allies vs. Sparta and allies)
c. 424-400   Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War, Map

Rise of Sophistic Philosophy (Gorgias, Antiphon, Protagoras, Prodicus and Hippias)
404   Athens loses Peloponnesian War to Sparta
404-343 Dynasties 28-30: Persians expelled from Egypt; last period of indigenous rule
c. 400-300     Book of Esther (c. 400-300) Map
343 Persian Re-conquest of Egypt