Humanities 110

Introduction to the Humanities

Accessing E-reserves

Easiest route

Go to the online Hum 110 syllabus. Find the day’s reading and click on the link. You will be prompted for your kerberos username and password (the same username and password that you use for Iris). This should give you direct access to the reading for that day.

To access all the readings at once

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your kerberos username and password
  3. In the lower left hand corner, under “My Courses,” click on “Humanities 110 (all sections)”
  4. You will see a list of all the e-reserve readings for the semester on this page. You can read them online or download them to your individual computer.

To rotate the file

If you wish to read the file online and it is not oriented correctly, you can use your PDF viewer to rotate the file. How to do this depends on your PDF viewer (for example, in Adobe Reader for PCs, it is under View --> Rotate View; in Preview for Macs, it is under Tools --> Rotate Right or Rotate Left).

If you do not see a “rotate view” option, you may need to download the file to your computer first (using the Save function in your browser) and rotate it using a PDF viewer such as Preview or Adobe Reader.


If you are unable to access the Hum 110 Moodle:
Please send an email to Kathy Kennedy ( who will verify that your name is on the list of participants for the Moodle.

If you are unable to access or download the PDF files:
You may need to upgrade your PDF viewer to a more recent version. Under the Help menu of your PDF viewer, select “Check for updates” and see if newer versions are available. You will need a fairly recent version of the PDF viewer program to view these PDFs.

If you are unable to print the files without your browser or application crashing:
This occasionally happens with the larger files. In this case, use the directions above to access all the readings at once and select the folders which are labeled “smaller files for printing.”

If you experience technical difficulties not listed here:
Contact Moodle support at: or call extension 5531. After normal work hours, call the CUS help desk (7525) or send an email to As this is the first year we are doing e-reserves this way, we would be very interested to hear your feedback on this process. Send feedback emails to Ann Delehanty,