Transfer of credit

Students are allowed to transfer up to 15 units of credit toward their Reed degree. Restrictions affect the transfer of credit, so students should consult carefully with the registrar’s office, their adviser, and the chair of the appropriate department(s) before registering for courses at other institutions. Students should complete the request for transfer of credit form to obtain approval for their transfer courses in advance of enrolling.

Students must earn at least a C- in courses that are not vocational, technical, or experiential in nature to receive credit at Reed. Work at other institutions cannot duplicate the student’s work at Reed College. The general college requirements will not be waived for transfer students.

In order to receive transfer of credit upon returning to the college, the student must make sure a transcript is sent from the credit-granting institution and have a record of the descriptions of courses taken, texts read, and papers or assignments submitted.

For more information, see the Office of the Registrar's webpage on transferring credit.

(Page last modified: November 29, 2023)