Registration: it's a SOLAR system

Registration materials are made available to continuing students each spring, with the expectation that students will register for the following year's classes. After meeting with their advisers and receiving their registration PIN, students access the SOLAR system to register on the web. Instructions for using the system are available at that web site and on the registrar's office web site.

Most conferences have an enrollment limit of 24. When that limit is reached, students may add themselves to the wait list. Some classes may be capped following the initial registration period (for more specific information about class capping, see class size and enrollment limits). Any student who is successfully registered for a course at the end of the preceding spring semester is guaranteed admission to that course. Students who do not register during the initial phase and students who wish to change their registration may use SOLAR over the summer and again in November when registration opens for spring. Students who wait until late registration will have fewer options available to them.

Students should review their schedules in IRIS in time to add and drop courses or to change sections. Because students are responsible for the work in all courses for which they are registered, any errors must be brought to the attention of the registrar's office. Students must petition before they can register for overloads or underloads (see course load). Registration for independent study will not be processed without the instructor's signature. Students may not register for thesis until they have declared a major and are certified as having passed the junior qualifying exam.

The registrar's office will attempt to balance the number of students in each section of a course with multiple sections. A student may be assigned to a different section than that in which she or he registered. To change sections when SOLAR is not available, a student must fill out a section change form, also available in the registrar's office. This does not require the adviser's signature.

For more specific information on registration, students should refer to the registration instructions on the SOLAR web pages, or in the schedule of classes, or they should check with the registrar's office.

(Page last modified: November 29, 2023)