French Department

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the French major, a student will have demonstrated that they are able to:

  • execute a sustained research project;
  • choose and define an interesting topic from the major field;
  • develop and pursue a rigorous method appropriate to the research topic;
  • independently investigate that topic with the support of an advisor;
  • demonstrate a broad knowledge of their research area and contextualize their own research within it;
  • analyse literary texts, including through close reading;
  • use appropriate secondary sources as part of a literary analysis;
  • produce original work;
  • read, write and understand French;
  • write a clear and coherent document that is substantially longer than a traditional term paper or project;
  • present, discuss and defend their work orally.

The primary assessment tool for learning in the major at Reed and the level of student achievement in the major area is the senior thesis; the junior qualifying examination, which assesses a student's readiness for thesis, provides a secondary assessment tool. For more information on the thesis and the Junior Qualifying Exam, see Degree Requirements.