Financial Aid

Frequently asked questions for international students

Applying for Aid

Q: Are international students eligible for financial aid?

A: First year international students are eligible for need-based financial aid. If you apply for need-based aid, meet all published deadlines, and we offer you admission, we are committed to meeting 100% of your demonstrated financial aid. For this reason, our process is need-sensitive. With a limited amount of funds available for international students, we need to know if you think you will need aid. If you think you may require aid at any time during the four years of college, you must apply for financial aid at the same time you submit your admission application to Reed. If you do not apply for aid, there will not be funds available after you are admitted.

Q: How do I apply for financial aid?

A: As an international student, you must complete the College Board PROFILE to determine your financial need and eligibility for assistance at Reed. More specific instructions application for first-year international students can be found here.

Q: My parents are divorced. Are there additional forms I need to complete?

A: If your biological or adoptive parents are separated, divorced or were never married, your custodial parent (the parent with whom you live most of the time) and your stepparent (if applicable) should complete the PROFILE. Your non-custodial parent will complete the College Board's Non-custodial PROFILE. The College Board will send you an email that details the requirement. You will be directed to share the email with your non-custodial parent. Each parent’s ability to pay for college expenses will be evaluated in determining your eligibility for Reed’s need-based aid.

Q: Why does Reed require the CSS PROFILE?

A: We primarily use the College Board PROFILE because we believe it produces a more refined and accurate assessment of a family’s need and their eligibility for funding from Reed.

Q: What is Reed’s CSS PROFILE application code?

A: The CSS PROFILE application code is 4654

Q: What are the deadlines for applying for aid?

A: Application deadlines for prospective Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, and Transfer students can be found here.

Q: Does Reed offer merit scholarships?

A: No. Reed’s financial aid program is based on need, not merit. We don’t award scholarships based on achievement in a particular arena (academic, leadership, music, etc.) We believe that every student we admit is outstanding and has the potential to make a significant contribution to the Reed community.

Q: Will Reed match the aid award offered by another college?

A: No. Financial aid at Reed is based on financial need, and will not be influenced by assistance offered by another college. However, if the differences in aid awards are due to changes in the family’s financial circumstances that were previously not communicated to Reed, the application may be reviewed again when the additional information is provided.

Q: Do I have to apply for financial aid every year?

A: Yes. You will complete the CSS PROFILE each year but will not be required to submit tax information to IDOC. If there are significant changes in income or assets from one year to the next, we may request you send supporting documentation (taxes, etc.) directly to the Financial Aid Office.

Q: Will my financial aid package change in the future if my family circumstances change or if exchange rates worsen?

A: We will attempt to keep aid awards as consistent as possible in subsequent years. However, requests to be reconsidered for additional assistance due to exchange rates worsening or changes in family circumstances are not accepted. Students can also expect their loan amounts to increase in subsequent years along with our cost increase. In most cases, student loans will increase by about $500- $1,000 in each subsequent year.

Q: If I do not apply for financial aid my first year, can I request it in future years?

A: No. Reed does not consider applications for financial aid from international students after they have begun their studies at the college. As part of the application for admission, all applicants needing financial assistance are required to complete the CSS PROFILE thoroughly and accurately at the time of admission.