Facilities Services

Studio Art Building

Art majors at Reed may concentrate on either studio art or art history. A five-year joint program with the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in downtown Portland provides art majors with a B.A. from Reed and a B.F.A. from PNCA upon graduation. (Reed established this tie to PNCA and thus to the Portland Art Museum in 1926.) Student paintings, sculptures, and drawings are exhibited not only in the Studio Art Building but also throughout the campus. On the lower level of the building, which was constructed in 1980, are individual studios, such as a ceramic studio; rooms for sculpture, painting, drawing, and printmaking classes; and kilns.

Studio art building exterior

Renovations in 2001 enlarged the building by 4,800 square feet, creating a new entrance, a bigger darkroom and bigger teaching studios, as well as spacious new rooms, including a computer graphics imaging room, a new projection and seminar room, and a gallery and critique room.

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