Facilities Services

Psychology building


Originally designed by Pietro Belluschi, and built for the chemistry department in 1948, the building was renovated for the psychology department in 1995, providing all senior psychology majors with shared office space and professors with individual lab space for research. In the center of the building is a large teaching space and conference area, which also houses a social psychology lab, a psycholinguistics lab with state-of-the-art brain scanning equipment, a developmental lab with a play room in which to observe children, and a cognition lab that has its own recording and sound studio. There are also rooms for housing animals, including an aviary for pigeons. Students work closely with their professors and have access to all of the facilities. The auditorium, room 105, seats 90 people and is equipped with a viewing screen and an excellent sound system. Several noteworthy trees can be seen in front of the building including a Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatinus) and a Norway Maple (Acer platanoides). The Sycamore Maple looks similar to a London Plane tree, while just to the east, the Norway maple displays very dark green leaves.

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