Facilities Services

L.E. Griffin Memorial Biology Building

The biology department is housed in the L.E. Griffin Memorial Biology Building, which includes the Lewis H. Kleinholz Memorial Laboratories.

Biology building

In 2001, Reed completed a $9.7 million addition to, and renovation of, the biology building; the building now covers 44,800 square feet, a 25 percent increase. The project has created efficient and modern teaching and research spaces for the biology faculty, staff, and students, and has had broad benefits for the Reed community.

The building renovation has been accompanied by over a decade of successful awards that have provided the department with modern biological equipment for teaching and research. Major financial support for new equipment has come from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Kresge Science Initiative, the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, and the National Science Founation, as well as generous gifts from individual donors.

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