Economics 314

Macroeconomic Theory
Spring 2020
Jeffrey Parker, Reed College

This is the home page for Economics 314: Macroeconomic Theory at Reed College. The links at left allow you to navigate to various parts of the Web site for course information, pdf copies of the coursebook, and the reading list.

Class news

  • [3/30]  Yet another link has appeared on the navigation panel! This one takes you to the class Moodle site, where I am posted the links to the online class conferences.
  • [3/21]  There is a new link on the navigation panel at the left that will take you to an index of Online Classes. I have uploaded a sample lecture covering the material that we covered in the in-person class on March 16. Please try it and see if the video/audio works for you. Warning: It's really boring! I'm new at this and will try to get better!
  • I have posted a coded file of grades to date. There are lots of points remaining in the course, so don't think that your semester grade is sealed, for better or worse.
  • Information about Econ 314 will be posted here. You should link to this page (rather than the other pages on the site).