Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Reed

Where We Stand 2021

“Diversity is a fact. Equity is a goal. Inclusion is a practice. This DEI website is one tool in working toward a more equitable and anti-racist institution. Here we share our current commitments, actions, and progress. The website is intended both to inform the community of work underway and to help hold ourselves accountable while working toward our goals.”
—Mary James,
Dean for Institutional Diversity & A.A. Knowlton Professor of Physics

Guiding Principles

Reed is committed to supporting an open-minded community in which all students, faculty, and staff are able to live, learn, and work as freely as possible from the pernicious effects of systemic racism and other forms of oppression, discrimination, and marginalization.

Commitment to diversity

Reed embraces the inherent value of diversity and is committed to attracting the best and brightest from every group, including those who have historically experienced discrimination and prejudice. Learn more

Commitment to anti-racism

Reed embraces the inherent value of diversity and is committed to attracting the best and brightest from every group, including those who have historically experienced discrimination and prejudice, for it recognizes that dialogue between people with different perspectives, values, and backgrounds enhances the possibilities for serious intellectual inquiry. Learn more

Where We Stand

Over the past decade, Reed has taken significant steps toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive community. In 2009, Reed ratified a diversity statement. In 2011, the college followed up on this commitment by establishing the Reed College Office for Institutional Diversity. While progress was being made, Reed experienced a watershed moment during the 2016–17 academic year. Galvanized by a nationwide movement for social justice, Reed students pushed for changes in the college's priorities, policies, curriculum, and commitment to equity.

The Reed community can point to major accomplishments in recent years, while acknowledging that there is much work yet to do to evolve into the community we aspire to become:

Focus Areas

Building a diverse community

Reed College continues to refine its ongoing efforts to attract outstanding students, faculty, and staff to the college by implementing inclusive recruiting and hiring practices focused on diversifying our community. Learn more

Supporting a diverse community

Admitting a diverse class of new students and hiring promising new faculty and staff from a wide range of identities, backgrounds, and lived experiences is only the first step. The college is committed to ensuring that students and employees—particularly those from underrepresented or marginalized groups—succeed and thrive intellectually, professionally, and personally at Reed. Learn more

Creating a welcoming climate

Fostering an open and welcoming ecosystem in which students, faculty, and staff feel they belong is fundamental to the college’s mission. Learn more

Building academic excellence through inclusivity

Academic excellence and inclusivity go hand in hand. Multiple perspectives and voices, drawn from diverse backgrounds and experiences, are essential to Reed’s rigorous academic program. Learn more

Promoting professional learning & growth

Professional development must address inclusive pedagogy; inclusive leadership; management of productive discomfort; implicit bias; cultural responsiveness in education, work, and residential spaces; and other skill-based topics that address diversity, equity, and inclusion across the campus community. Learn more

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