Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Reed

Where We Stand

An Equity Framework

Reed College is committed to inclusive excellence, which asks that we integrate equity efforts into the core processes and aspects of our institution. It is critical that all Reed students have equitable access to opportunities for success and that faculty and staff are prepared to support a diverse student body and contribute to an inclusive campus learning, living, and working environment. Reed has taken steps toward creating this environment; going forward, the president’s staff will work within an equity-minded framework to help us understand the causes of equity gaps and identify the actions needed to close them.

Our Goals

  • Implement a student success agenda that centralizes equity.
  • Establish guidelines to make deep, meaningful, and sustainable changes to policies, practices, and structures that promote inequities.
  • Operate from an equity-minded lens to inform how we as a leadership team will make decisions.

Our Purpose

  • Redefine issues of equity, diversity, and anti-racism as fundamental to the organizational bottom line of mission fulfillment and inclusive and intersectional excellence.
  • Center on creating systems and processes that enable all students, faculty, and staff to feel like they belong and are able to thrive personally and professionally.
  • Build on prior models and strengthen ongoing initiatives that operate in a strategic, evidence-based, and data-driven manner where accountability is centralized.
  • Lead with a high degree of cultural intelligence, humility, and awareness of the intersection of identities and their importance in higher education.