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Instructional R Videos

This video series is intended to help those who are new to R get acquainted with the RStudio interface and the basic use of the R language. If you are just starting R, watching the videos in sequence will give you the best understanding. 

For more help, see more R resources here or email If you'd like help from a student work, check the calendar for drop-in hours at the mLab in ETC 226. You can visit in person or virtually via the link in the calendar.   



  • Introduction to RStudio

    This is where to start if you've never used R and need to understand the basic layout and what each panel does.
  • Basic R Syntax

    This takes you through the basics of the R language. It explains variables and functions and shows you how to run commands.
  • Understanding Variables

    Watch this if you want to further understand different types of variables and how they can be used in conjunction with one another. 
  • More R Syntax

    This expands on the syntax of R and shows you how to make comments and how to use the built in help function.
  • Data Frames

    This goes through the basics of how to use data frames (basically spreadsheets) in R.
  • Loading Data into R

    This shows you how you can take a data file from your computer and get it to Reed's R Server in order to be able to analyze it. There is an example file included below.


Introduction to RStudio

Basic R Syntax

Understanding Variables

More R Syntax

Data Frames

Loading Data into R


To work along with this video, you will need to download this file