mLab Calendar

The mLab is located in ETC 226 (second floor, end of the hall).

Student staff at the DataLab are available to provide assistance during the times marked in green. If these times do not work for your schedule and you need help, contact . Other events are in blue. 

All DataLabbies are happy to help you with any project. If they are not able to solve your issue themselves, they will pass it along to someone who can, so please feel free to come to any shift with any issue and we'll get started on working with you.

For specific help see the following times:

  • R: anytime!
  • Python: Monday 9-11, after 2; Tuesday after 4; Wednesday 9-11; Thursday 4-6; Friday 9-11
  • GIS: Monday 12-2; Wednesday 1-3; Friday 1-3
  • Bash scripting: Monday after 2; Tuesday after 4