Computer Science

Faculty & Staff


Jim Fix

Jim Fix
Professor and Crandall Chair of Computer Science
Office: Library 314
Phone: x7478
Email | Website
Parallel algorithms, programming language theory.

[Eitan Frachtenberg]

Eitan Frachtenberg
Visiting Professor of Computer Science
Office: Greywood 106
Phone: x4659
High-performance computer systems.

Adam Groce

Adam Groce
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Office: Library 313
Phone: x5155
Email | Website
Cryptography, database privacy.

Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins
Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science
Office: Library 382
Phone: x4735
Email | Website
Artificial intelligence, machine learning and computational linguistics.

Dylan McNamee

Dylan McNamee
Visiting Scholar 
Email | Website
Operating systems.


Eric Roberts
Visiting Professor of Computer Science
Office: Greywood 117
Phone: x4883
Computer science education, programming languages and environments, social implications of computing, computing and public policy. 

Interdisciplinary Faculty

Faculty across many departments contribute to a rich, interdisciplinary approach to computer science:

  • Professor Mark Bedau, philosophy: artificial life, philosophy of computation
  • Professor Joel Franklin, physics: scientific and numeric computation
  • Professor Aki Miyoshi, art: digital imaging, video, and interaction
  • Professor Jamie Pommersheim, mathematics: quantum computation
  • Professor Anna Ritz, biology: computational biology

Contact Us

Department Chair
Jim Fix, Library 314
Phone: 503/517-7478

Faculty Administrative Coordinator
Lisa Mickola, Library 317
Phone: 503/777-7710

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