Computer Science Department


Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson
Office: Library 337
Phone: x6645
Machine learning, formal verification, and program analysis and synthesis.

Erica Blum

Erica Blum
Office: Library 343
Phone: x4890
Cryptography and security, consensus algorithms.

Jim Fix

Jim Fix
Professor of Computer Science and Crandall Chair of Computer Science
Office: Library 314
Phone: x7478
Email | Website
Parallel algorithms, programming language theory.

On sabbatical 2023-24.

Adam Groce

Adam Groce (Chair)
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Office: Library 313
Phone: x5155
Email | Website
Cryptography, database privacy.


Charles  McGuffey
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Office: Library 344
Phone: x4922
Algorithms, memory management, and emerging technologies.

Interdisciplinary Faculty

Faculty across many departments contribute to a rich, interdisciplinary approach to computer science:

  • Professor Mark Bedau, philosophy: artificial life, philosophy of computation
  • Professor Joel Franklin, physics: scientific and numeric computation
  • Professor Aki Miyoshi, art: digital imaging, video, and interaction
  • Professor Jamie Pommersheim, mathematics: quantum computation
  • Professor Anna Ritz, biology: computational biology