Computer Science Department

"Computer science is an intersection between theory and application. The skills and concepts I get from my classes can immediately be taken out of the classroom context and applied in any setting. It gives me a really fulfilling sense of accomplishment to start with just an idea and create something tangible that’s usable and shareable."
—Alex Pan ’17

Reed's computer science program seeks to ground students in a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of computing. We welcome students from all backgrounds, regardless of prior experience with computer science. Students take core classes in programming, mathematics, the theory of computing, and the design of hardware and software systems. Reed computer science maintains a strong connection to the mathematics program, and many students pursue a Computer Science-Mathematics interdisciplinary major.

Computer science is a new major at Reed, but Reed graduates have a long tradition of success in the field. Roughly ten percent of Reed’s working alumni hold jobs in computing fields, and Reed alumni are employed at all the top tech companies. Reed also sends an unusually large number of computer science students to graduate school, including to many prestigious programs.