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Computer Hardware Services

The Computer Hardware Shop supports all college-owned hardware and is an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). We are located in the Educational Technology Center, room 114.

Hours and Contact Information

For the time being, walk-up service at the hardware shop is suspended. You can reach hardware shop staff by email at Due to the large number of inquiries, our response time will be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience.

Computer Shop staff are available by appointment, during limited hours. Initial hardware diagnoses and troubleshooting is done through email. As needed, Shop staff will arrange "contactless" equipment pickup/dropoff and in-person appointments.

If you have an urgent hardware issue, please email or contact the help desk via chat by clicking on the "Ask CUS!" chat bubble below.

Student Computer Repairs During COVID-19

Due to an elevated volume of requests combined with adhering to proper safety protocols, the Computer Hardware Shop (CHS) is enforcing stricter guidelines for what items we can repair and when. Repair times will also be longer than normal. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work as quickly and as safely as possible!

I have a broken device, can CHS repair it?

  • We can service or provide guidance for Mac computers, but cannot service iOS devices - contact Apple Support for help with iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch at
  • Our ability to service PCs is limited but we are happy to help troubleshoot and provide guidance.
  • Items that are not in warranty and are critical to in-person or online learning will be prioritized.

Can I drop off my broken device?

  • CHS is closed to all walk-up requests and only are servicing devices by appointment
  • Once a student has an appointment they are expected to follow all Reed and Oregon COVID-19 policies when picking up or dropping off equipment. This includes but is not limited to wearing a face covering and maintaining a six-foot distance.
  • We are unable to provide repair services to students in quarantine or isolation. However, we would be happy to assist with possible repairs when students have a green "GO" on their Daily Health Check.
  • We will be asking students to work with us to attempt troubleshooting before arranging any repairs or replacements

How do I start this process?

Please email us at Please include your device's serial number (make and model for PCs), a detailed description of the issue, and any troubleshooting measures you have taken. This will help speed up the diagnosis and troubleshooting steps to get you up and running as quickly as possible!

How long will it take?

We will provide an estimated repair timeline once we have an initial diagnosis and determine your repair options. Please note, diagnosis and repair may take longer than usual due to the pandemic.

How can I work when my computer is being repaired?

The IMC in the Library can provide short-term laptop loans to students while their computer is in need of repair. The Computer Hardware Shop can also temporarily lend out accessories such as keyboard and mice as a workaround while repair arrangements are being made.

Other Common Questions

I'm splitting time between Reed and home. Can I have an additional monitor? Computer Equipment Replacement (CER) is able to provide one external monitor to faculty and staff with their primary laptop. Additional monitors may be purchased through CIS with departmental funds. Contact to discuss options and make arrangements for acquisition and deployment of additional equipment.

What about an additional keyboard and mouse? Yes! Contact with your request and we'll arrange a "contactless" pickup of an extra keyboard and mouse for you.

Loaner laptops: In the event of hardware failure, a loaner laptop can be made available to faculty and staff while a repair is underway. Contact if you are experiencing hardware failure. Loaner laptops from CUS are not generally available at this time for non-urgent purposes. Students can apply to the Student Technology Equipment Program for long-term computer loans. Loaner laptops needed for a few days or weeks may be available from the IMC; submit their request form.

Computer repair: Faculty and staff, in lieu of a repair we may replace your Reed computer for a like model. Faculty and staff in need of personal repairs should visit Apple's website to initiate a repair.

Service for privately-owned equipment

We can service all Apple hardware, even if you didn't buy it from Reed. If your computer is under warranty then in most cases there will be no charge (unless you dropped your laptop or spilled coffee on your keyboard or something of that sort). If your computer is not under warranty, or the damage is self-inflicted, there will be a charge for repair work:

  • $35 per hour, plus parts
  • Diagnosis is free for the first half hour, unless we have to crack the case
  • Elective surgery, such as RAM upgrades, cleaning, system software installation, and the like, will be charged at the regular hourly rate (no half hour free).
  • You must pay in full before you can pick up your repaired computer.

We do not provide hardware service for Windows computers or printers. We can also refer you to a local service shop if you don't have a warranty from your PC manufacturer.

Disinfecting Personal Electronic Devices

Most electronic devices such as computers, keyboards, mice, and smartphones can be safely disinfected with alcohol-based disinfectant. Do not use soap and water, or Bullseye E23, a commonly used disinfectant on campus (it leaves a sticky residue).

  • Clean your hands with soap and water or a disinfectant, both before and after cleaning your devices. 
  • Avoid touching your face until you have cleaned your hands.
  • Use an EPA approved disinfectant to kill COVID-19, and follow the manufacturers’ instructions.
    • Products containing 60%+ alcohol--5 min dwell time
  • Keep liquids away from electronics.
  • Avoid spraying cleaners directly onto your devices — spray onto a cloth first.

Apple has provided specific guidance on how to clean their products.

Service Technicians

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