Reed College Canyon

Visit the Canyon

We appreciate your interest in visiting the Reed Canyon. Whether you seek wildlife, scenery, or solitude and communion with this wild land, Reed Canyon is a perfect place to decompress.

Declared a wildlife refuge by the state of Oregon in 1913, this 28-acre headwater forest was left largely untouched and untamed until restoration efforts began in earnest in 1999. Restoration goals include improving diversity of wildlife, managing invasive plant species, restoring native plant communities, and increase potential habitat for salmon and other resident fish.

To help you learn more about the Reed Canyon, we've put together a collection of useful on-line resources and a Reed Canyon map.

Reed Canyon is a privately owned and maintained by Reed College. Those visiting the Reed Canyon do so at their own risk. Reed College will not accept liability for any accidents, damage, or loss incurred while visiting the Canyon. We ask that visitors respect the habitat.

  • Leave no trace
  • Stay on established trails
  • Observe wildlife from a distance and never feed the animals
  • Leash your dog(s)
  • Alcohol and fires prohibited

Reed College staff dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Reed Canyon are not able to accommodate group visits or conduct tours at this time.

We hope you enjoy your visit.