Reed College Canyon


The canyon has always been a prominent part of the Reed campus, and in recent years it has become a prominent feature of the curriculum as well. Several faculty members have used the canyon in their teaching and in their own research. Reed students have also begun to venture into the canyon in search of topics for their senior thesis research. As the restoration project proceeds, there will be likely be an ongoing research effort to monitor the changes in the canyon over time.

Faculty Research and Teaching

The canyon is a valuable academic resource and many members of the Reed faculty use the canyon in their teaching and research. We asked a few professors to describe how they use the canyon, and we've put their responses on-line.

Natural Resource Economics 352

Valuing the Benefits of Ecosystem Services Generated by the Reed Canyon Restoration Project: 1999-2009 (2009)

... This report, a collaborative effort by students in the fall 2009 Natural Resource Economics class, evaluates and values the change in ecosystem services from restorating the Reed College Canyon. Ecosystem goods and services include: water quantity and quality, air quality, wildlife habitat and recreation. ...

Natural Science 110

In 1994 and 1995, the Natural Science 110 classes at Reed studied some of the chemical, physical, and biological features of the Reed Canyon. Students measured the nitrate and phosphate concentrations of the water, as well as the temperature, dissolved oxygen levels, and pH. The resulting reports are available on-line:

Senior Thesis Projects

For most of the past century, the Reed College Canyon has overlooked by all but a handful of seniors looking for a thesis topic. Between 1925 and 1990, only 14 students chose a topic that related in some way to the canyon. In recent years, however, there has been an upsurge in interest in the local ecosystem. Between 1990 and 2014, 33 students chose to incorporate the canyon into their senior thesis research. The titles and abstracts of all canyon-related theses are available on-line. The theses are available in the Reed College Library.