Reed Residency Guarantee & Requirement

Starting with the 2021-22 academic year, Reed College is pleased to announce a two-year on-campus residency guarantee and requirement for students, beginning with the incoming class in Fall 2021. The two-year period is measured by time spent at Reed (four semesters), not class credits.

Please contact if you have questions not covered in the FAQ below.

How will I know if I should expect to live on campus?

  • You are a student beginning Reed Fall 2021 or later
  • You have not received an exemption
  • You started Reed as a first-year student
  • If your status is in doubt, please contact Residence Life staff to enquire about your residency status

Does the residency guarantee and requirement apply to transfer students entering Fall 2021 or later?

  • Transfer students who are entering Reed as first-year or sophomore students can expect to live on campus for one year (two semesters).
  • Transfer students entering as juniors or seniors are exempt from the residency requirement, but are welcome to request on-campus housing.

What happens if I don’t fill out a housing application?

  • Students who are required to live on campus but have not completed a housing application or exemption request may be automatically assigned housing by Residence Life staff.
  • Residence Life will email assignment information.
  • A student must complete the housing contract and live on campus.
  • Residence Life prefers to assign students based on their building preferences, so completing a housing application is strongly encouraged!

What happens if I study abroad or take a leave of absence?

Neither will impact the amount of time you are expected to live on campus. The residency requirement will be fulfilled two years (4 semesters) after you enroll and begin your studies at Reed.


What makes a student a good candidate for an exemption from the residency requirement?

See below for a (non-exhaustive) list of typical reasons an exemption would be granted. Students will have an opportunity to share additional information in the application process.

  • Students who live with family within ~30 miles of Reed
  • Students who are married or have children
  • Students who are age 24 or older
  • Students who are veterans
  • Students with a Title IX accommodation that exempts them from on-campus housing
  • Students with disability-related concerns about meeting the residency requirement should consult with Disability & Accessibility Resources (DAR) to explore on-campus housing accommodations, such as a single room or an apartment. An exemption from the requirement can also be approved by DAR.

How do I request an exemption to the residency requirement?

All first and second-year students are required to complete an application through the housing portal. Students who plan to request an exemption to the residency requirement will still be asked to complete a housing application. You will also see an additional page in the process, which will allow you to indicate your reason for requesting an exemption, and to provide additional information.

What does the review process of exemptions look like?

Residence Life staff will review exemption requests and approve requests that meet the qualifying criteria. More complex requests or requests that fall outside the qualifying criteria will be reviewed by the Priority Housing Committee chaired by the Associate Dean of Student and Campus Life. Requests grounded in a disability-related reason should complete the application, and then work directly with DAR.

Will I be asked to provide any documentation along with my exemption request?

Students will not typically be asked to submit documentation along with their exemption request, although the College reserves the right to confirm information that the student has submitted in their application (age, Oregon address, veteran status, etc.) or to request supporting documentation if necessary. In addition, students seeking housing accommodations (including an exemption from the housing requirement) will need to provide documentation directly to Disability & Accessibility Resources as part of that process.

What happens if my exemption request is not approved?

  • When you submit an exemption request, you will be asked to complete a housing application at the same time. If your exemption is not approved, Res Life staff may assign you a room based on the information and preferences shared in your housing application.
  • As always, students can petition out of their housing contract if their circumstances change after the semester has started.