The Calligraphy Heritage at Reed

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reynolds imageFor more than four decades, calligraphy was a defining feature of campus life at Reed College. Fueled by the energy and artistry of faculty member Lloyd J. Reynolds, the italic hand flowered and spread throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Set in an intellectual framework of philosophy, history, literature, religious thought, and fine design, the calligraphy and graphic design courses taught by Reynolds, from 1938 through 1969, influenced generations of Reed students including the Beat Poets, as well as teachers, future type designers, and graphic artists. Upon Reynold's retirement, classes in calligraphy and paleography were led by Robert J. Palladino for an additional 15 years.

Although no longer available as a course at Reed, calligraphy and its associated arts continue to live on as an important part of Reed’s story. Through the pages collected here, we hope to provide a resource for learning more about the calligraphy heritage of Reed College.

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“We must be both rational and intellectual, both analytic and imaginative, utilizing both statistics and insight.”

Video: An overview of calligraphy at Reed